Powerplay and Super Skunk

Black Diamond just published a video from Alex Raczyński .

Alex, Adam Pustelnik and me had some nice days in Frankenjura last June. Alex sends Penumbral Solar Eclipse and I was happy to get Superskunk and Powerplay.

He shot and edited it in hin own style, I like it a lot:

Daniel Jung and Alex Raczynski from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

30 Jahre Sine

Wer kommt alles zum Sine Wettkampf?

Ich werde die Finalroute schrauben. Das wird lustig :-)

Dann muss ich die Finalroute auch vorklettern!  Spannend!

Mehr Infos hier!

La Rambla

I'm back in Siegen after a good time in Siurana. I'm glad to be taking the Rambla sending experience home with me.

I tried it last year and I wasn't lucky. This time it went better.

It was a big challenge for me, to get the endurance and to be patient.

I don't like giving up when I know that I can do something. I needed to be very patient.
Each time when I felt close and thought I would do it soon, something kept me from having good tries.

Normally it's like that at least once or two times when I try something hard, but in La Rambla it was a bit crazy:

I cut my skin many times and with tape I couldn't fit into some holds or wasn't able to do my crux move...

Sometimes my finger was swollen so I couldn't enter the crack in the beginning....

I slipped off from humid holds several times....

For a few days the top part stayed wet after the rain...

I usually like wind and low temperatures, but some days were extremely windy and cold... 

Luckily during this trip there was only one warm day, but last year it was a way too hot . And I also ran out of climbing shoes, so I had to organize new ones… never happened before :-)

All that made it very exciting! It was a lot of fun climbing on it as well as having a good time with good people.  Thanks to everyone!

Now I go to finish another exciting project:

 Jung's Boulderhalle 

the bouldergym my brother Markus and I will open soon in Siegen :)