This year I was again invited to the Bronx Rock Invitational Competition in Cologne. So after two nice climbing weeks in Ceuse I drove back to Germany to compet. One night in Siegen, I sadly had to give the nice car back to my parents and pack my back for a 2 month trip. After the competition I wanted to go back to the rocks.

Six boys and six girls were invited to set up a boulder. On the first Invitational 2007 I set a very long boulder, I used a part from one, all holds and all the setting time. After that I was to tired to climb anything, So my plan for this year was to set fast a short nice not to hard boulder. Finally it was again a small route whish starts in a roof, go in to a mantel into a no hand rest and a final slab run to a jug.

(pictures by
I mostly spend time on my boulder again because it becomes harder than I thought after all the pumpy setting. So sadly the time was a bit to short for me to try all boulders..
A lot of people liked my boulder so that I won the best boulder award and got one of the nice prices:

(picture by flow media, simon sticker)

Here the video:

During the last minuts I sadly twist my ankle... First it seemed to be not so bad but on sunday my foot become so swollen that I was not able to put him into my shoe, also walking was not really possible. Travelling per hitchhicking was not possible like this so that I had to go home to rest. One boring week only putting up my foot. but luckily only one week. It was still swollen but not that painfull and a friend was going down to France! So I went to Ceuse again :)
Maybe not the best place for a dameged foot but finally it was ok. After my first climbing day I needed 2,5 hours, to go down from the rock to the camping. Walking downhill was very painfull but maybe a good medicin because after my foot become much better and I could walk and climb very well again!

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