Franken festival

The condition keept being good, perfect to work on some nice routes, so we drove to Frankenjura again.

Markus, Bernardo and me climbed in the Luisenwand area again. After only one working sessions my tips were very destroid so I mainly belayed Markus in his litle project were he comes very close a few times. Gabri was trying "The Essentials" 11, I watshed him sending it, cool! Looks like really good climbing!

In the evening everybody went to the Climbing Festival in Betzenstein. Philippe Ribiere did a slideshow and DJ set so it was a very funny party.

On my skin-restday I went to the Schlaraffenland with friend from Elsas and climbed some nice easy routes. When we arrived Matilda just flashed "Friends like you" 10/10+ and climbed another 10 in the second go. On her last day she send her first 11-, " Odd Fellows" in only 4 goes, nice!!

After a rest day I still had to climb with tape, very bad... But it was nice to feel the progress. I think I would be very lucky if I could send my new "love line" this season, the chances of good conditions become less and less, I will see :-)

A clever sign on the Marientaler parking :-)

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