KICK ASS Summer Trip

I started my trip with a short visit of the OutDoor in Friedrichshafen. It was fun to meet a lot of old friends there and to meet Black Diamond and Five Ten. In the we enjoyed a nice party with good music in and around a big fountain, that was fun!

The next day I picked up Bernardo G. and we drove down to Ceüse. Its every time so nice again to climb there!! I just spend one week there, checked out some new routes and went for the awesome lines on the Berlin wall to get some endurance.

Markus competed at the WC in Brioncon, so I drove there to pick him up. It was nice to meet some friends there and to watch the finals. The after party was funny, in the middle of the city, but they stopped the music very was a bit too cheesy dupstep anyway...

The next day Markus and me drove down to Gorges du Loup.

 (by Markus Jung)

In the evening he sent 7pm 8c in the 4th go, coool!!!  He also sent another 8c, on sighted 8a+ and did some other nice tufa climbs in the 8th the other days. Impressive for only one week I think.. We had a very nice week there, a lot of jumping in the Loup, and good climbing.
Also very funny was his way back home. Just one day before he had to work, he managed to hitch hiking 1300km in 22h and just arrived to hours before the work starts :-)

When I was in Loup last year Cederic Lo Picolo suggested me to try his new line, Kick Ass. It’s a very nice route: steep, short and powerful. The name is program: I really had to kick my ass.
 (by Julie)
I every time fall off on one special Kick Ass move... The single move wasn't that hard but I every time failed to catch it.. After one week of trying last year I fall of after the hard move... I extended my trip for a few days and fall off again twice after the hard move but couldn’t sent it.

Soo, it was very nice to return this trip! I only tried once to climb two days in a raw but the rock is to aggressive, so I rested a lot! But this was good because I had to learn for uni anyway. Climbing and revising is a good combination!

Enzo was psyched to try the line too and after I told him all the tricks he sent it very fast! Impressive! That was one of three 9a's he did in one week!

Its not easy to try a route for a long time and fall again and again on the same move, a mentally hard thing but I was motivated, the moves are awesome and I had a lot of fun! So it was the best that I finally could sent it just the day before I had to drive back to Germany!!!

So Happy End :-)
(by Phil Maurel) From Nice-Climb

So thanks to Cederic for having a good eye for nice lines!! and all belayers, the Guillaumes, Petr, Bles, Alex, Szymon, Daniel, Markus, Easydoor, Casper, Muriel, Ben, Xavier, Enzo, Robbie and Natt, the Hamers, Ethan, the Belay Kitten and the others :-)

Now I'm packing for my next trip: Norway!!!

Saturday: Norwegian Rockmaster Psicobloc competition!!  I think Gorges du Loup was allready a good preparation. I did a lot of jumps to prepare myself  to feel comfortable even if it is an unconfortable landing:

(by Szymon Grzeszkowiak)

But I still hope that the norwegian water is warm and soft and maybe next to the compwall is a nice sand beach??

But I still hope that the Norwegian water is warm and soft and maybe next to the comp wall is a nice sand beach??


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