Norwegian Rockmaster 2012

The Norwegian Rockmaster was nice again! Here I wrote a blog for 5.10:

After the comp the plan was to meet up with Chico Nico, Oli Lolli, and Bernie G. to explore Norwegians crack climbing. But before I spend some boring time at the airport… and got stuck in Oslo fur 2 days. The guys had to wait for the car in Sweden so I had to wait too… 

I spend one night on the roof of the theater next to the train station. It’s a cool place! Very save too because there were a lot of video cameras. At the end it was too save, a security man showed up and woke me up.  
I changed my sleeping place and had a good night on a nice bench at the train station. In the early morning a police man woke me up. “It’s not allowed to lie down” he told me. Ok, so I took another bench and tried to sleet while I was sitting. But the same police man woke me up again... Sadly he didn’t tell me what was wrong that time; maybe it was just fun for him to meet me again. 

Luckily I meet some nice Swedish people so I had a good time in Oslo, very interesting and a very nice accommodation too! Also I met Kristina she’s running the Swedish longboard page. So, check this if you are into longboarding too:  

When Oli, Nico and Bernie picked me up at the train station, I meet the same police man again, very nice. This time he wasn’t satisfied with the parking of the car. It wasn’t a problem again, we just left for a three week trip.

If I met the policeman again or not and about our adventures during the trip you will read soon here!!

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