This spring I was super motivated to try The Essential 9a. It wasn’t easy to catch the right conditions; very often it was humid and warm. I constantly was watching the weather forecasts…

Than two weeks ago a nice surprise! The temperatures dropped a lot.
Normally I had a lot of work for our boulder gym project “Jung’s Boulderhalle”, good that nowadays it is possible to work on the road with a notebook, so I packed the car drove to Franken.

Finally the rock dryed a bit
It was a good day, cold and windy, everything felt two grads softer. The perfect sending day! First Lena did “Fiese Luise” 8b than it was my turn with The Essential.   

Some years ago I saw a video of Adam Ondra trying it and it looks so hard. Small pockets!! I thought I would never try it. It has small pockets, that’s not my style! Last year Gabriele Moronie tried it, he gave me the beta and I liked it a lot.

It was a lot of fun to try the route with Manu Brunn together. He looks super strong on it and I think he has good changes send it when he’s back from his USA trip. We tried the Markus Bock version which is easier than the Ondra beta. I guess the Ondra version could be 9a+. 

So hard push my fingers in the small pocket. Working the crux move that kept me from sending. 

At the weekend I meet with Alex, Adam and Daniel from Poland. I did the super nice line Super Skunk 8c and the next day Powerplay 8c. I liked the routes a lot. That was fun.
Alex got everything on his camera, so there will be a video in a while.

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