December 2008 Markus und me visited the Cave in Ettringen again. After 130 km driving

we were happy to find perfect conditions!
It was really freezing and to warm up was really hard. We were very happy about the heater of Armin, which makes the situation comfortable.

We had very good catering!

Warming up my Jet7 :-)

We wanted to try the new soft version of my projekt: Schokolade.
What a nice line, I really like the crux moves! When you are climbing out of "grieg ich gerne" you need a lot of bodytension to go on slopy crimps and walking into a flat undercling. From this undercling you have to dyno up to a sloper on the roof edge. Than it is hard to swing your feet to the left pillar to kneebar. After that its over just technical, nice moves to the left.
After a good checkout of the crux and a few gos I managed to do the hard moves and climb to the top.
It was a long day again ;-)

Schokolade is for sure the hardest rout in Ettringen now. When we worked it out we thought about 11-, everytime it was fucking could and we had no heater. Now with much more warm forearms moving felt much easier! So i think its something like 10+/11-.

Thanks to all belayers and Armin for the heater!
(c)Pictures by Markus Jung

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