A pumpy picture story:

This is Emmanuelle the Eidechse, I met her in Siurana. You know her from some pictures I posted before.

We talked a bit about climbing and discussed climbing speed. She said that she would reach the anker of Megranya faster than me!! I couldn't believe that!! So, we got ready for a race!

Three, two, one, gooo!!!

Chalking, perhaps not the best tactic...

The crux of migaya:

Pumpy, pumpy!! Quickly up to the rest!!

Puhh, the rest.. I thought I would be much faster than Emmanuelle the Eidechse and so I took a rest...

And running a again!

Ahh, close to the top... but while I wos doing the last moves I didn't expect that Emmanuelle the Eidechse was waching me from the top of the wall...

Incredible!! The Eidechse was much faster, I was really impressed! Congratulations, Emmanuelle!!

I spend my next climbing day watching her when she was climbing. Now I know what to do to climb as fast and strong as she does! Back here, I start to train like she does...

Pictures (c) by Miha Škof

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