Super Cowboy

After a lot of workouts and some tries, I’ve managed to do the project! The line which starts in Kalea Borroka and traverses to the left into Aphrodita is now called Super Cowboy. It was bolted by Toni Arbones, so I just had to clean the route a bit and I could start trying.
In contrast to the other routes in El Pati Super Cowboy is just a boulder. It’s just traversing to the left with funny moves on small crimps. To the top you follow a crack line which is nicely technical. Doing the crack intersection is a little bit like adventure climbing. After a lot of workouts I was very, very happy to be able to send this nice line! Traversing is big fun, long moves, crimp hunting and crazy hooks!

Grading is difficult; it’s not possible to compare with other routes on El Pati. But, when I look back it could be the same as “L’odi social”, maybe a bit harder.
I will post some more infos later!
Picture (c) by Miha Škof

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