A nice day

After two weeks of rain we were very happy to meet the sun in Ettringen last sunday.
I did some nice clean climbing and tried an old project on the Höllentor wall. Its a 3m boulder on perfect basalt, it was bolted some years ago by Thomas Wille.
I tried it last year a bit but I coulden't move in it. With the cool temperature now there suddenly were some small holds.
After a lot of tries I figured out how to do it. Like every time in Ettringen it becomes dark to quick... But no problem climbing with headlamp is fun and so you could watch two small lights, Kevin and me walking all the evening from his project to my project and back... After a lot of walking and falling, Kevin becomes a friend of climbing in the dark and send his route and after some more tries I was very happy to send "half live" also.
Going up to the top was a litle adventure, I had to onsight a nice clean crack, but the upperpart was wet and slippery... But at 20:00 I was sitting happy on top of the wall :) What a nice boulderstart! Very slopy, with a very high highstep on a flat slopy edge... trust your feet and thanks fiveten.

After climbing we were invited by Ettringens caretaker and friend Armin to eat pasta, very nice!!!
It shoulden't be a long evening, but it was... The last two times driving back we went on the highway into the wrong direction, so we really took attention (also like the time before... But..after a long time on the highway I recogniced that we were in the oppesite direction again... shit! the third time in a row... Ok, turning around and driving the right way back again... The gas becames less and less... finally we found a gasstation in the middle of nowhere... but they closed when we arrived...there was no gasstation in front of us... so we had to drive back to an other open one... And finally after a long time on the road we arrived back in Siegen..:)

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