On the way to Norway

Markus and me are lucky to be invited to the Norwegian Rockmaster. Now we are happy to arrive at Nice airport. On the way to the airport was a car crash and our bus coulden't go on. We allready thought that the plane will go without us, but we were lucky to get a good hitchhike possibility to the airport.

Now we are excited to see the norwegian rocks!

Goodbye shitty injury

Two monthes ago, during I trained two-finger-crimp-power for my project.. there was a big "bang"! I crashed my annular! It was sure that it was something serious.
Beeing tired and heat is a bad combination.
It was the ring finger on my right hand, so it was possible to climb without it I thought. That was what I did the following three weeks. I spend some nice 8-finger-days on some rocks in my region. 3 days after the "Bang" I was able to climb my first 8a+ again! But also without using the finger it was painfull in my hand, so I just climbed very soft the following two or three weeks...Like Nideggen, some small rocks in the Sauerland, Ettringen and Berdorf. I even wasn't able to move my finger in the crimp position without pain... but it was possible to climb on very open holds.

All the time I keeped on moving my finger by pushing a very soft ball, this is very good for recovering. After a massage of my osteopath (thanks Philip!!) it becomes better and better every training.
Now I can crimp again!
Back in shape :)

Ready for the summertrip next week!