Fall and Siurana

I was very happy because the weather was very nice for rock climbing the last 2,5 months, much, much better than the last two years. So I didn’t spend much time indoor and drove to my projects very often. That was a lot of fun all the time! A lot of night climbing during the week with headlamps and scary boulders with a lot of crashpads. I was very lucky to send some awesome projects, I will write about later...

During New Year and Christmas I was climbing in Siurana, the first week with Basti, later Markus and Laura arrived too.
Markus and me had a date with Bernardo Gimenez to shoot a video for Black Diamond. I think we did some very nice shoots.

(Pictures from Bernardos blog: http://bernardogimenez.blogspot.com/)

In Siurana it was very nice to meet a lot of friends again. We had a funny Christmas party at Agyros and Nikos place and of course a nice New Year party in Cornudella.

We were staying on the Camping Siurana, were we spent every evening in the bar playing games.

I have already spent a lot of time in Siurana but I still find some lines that make me want to go there again.

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