From Spain to Switzerland: Iceclimbing Festival in Kandersteg

After a nice long last climbing day in Siurana we packed our stuff to be ready to leave Siurana. We were invited to the Iceclimbing festival in Kandersteg by Black Diamond. Luckily we met two nice boys from Switzerland who gave us a lift to Barcelona airport at 7 in the morning.

We arrived at Weeze airpot at 14:00, we were in Düsseldorf 2 hours later .... many hours of driving and later we arried in Kandersteg at 4 in the morning.

The competition was funny again. There was no ice, so it was totally dry tooling. This year it was about speed.. I wasn't so fast :-)

After the competition we visited the nice slideshow of Will Gladd and Tim Emmet.

The final was over very quickly, because it was about speed again, but interesting to watch. Really funny was the party after the competition :-) There was not so much sleep because we wantet to do some dry tooling on Sunday morning, that was funny again. But drytooling destroys the rock a lot so it is very important to just climb with axes on rock which is not useful for free climbing.

After a very long journey I'm back home, watching the forecasts and waiting for dry conditions :-)

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