Fox attack!!

Here on the camping in Siurana are a lot of people right now. I spend some time with some scottish gangstas, I climb with people from Spain, Brasil, France, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Netherlands. It is very international here. A few days ago Kevin, Klaudi and Leo and Lisa arrived, funny to get some visitors from home.

In the evenings after dark, the scottish boys are not the only gangsters on the camping... there is an other very bad one: the fox! He is stealing food, shoes and make some noises.

I got visited by the fox twice, the first time I only saw his footprints on my mattress. The second time I saw this:

He bit a hole into the tent, took my eggs and ate them directly next to it.

The next morning I recognised the worst! He also took my chocolate!

He is very professional! Also the other climbers got stolen a lot of stuff.
On my last trip he took a box with my cereals, cup and my spoon!! That was very bad!

In a few days it is Eastern and all people on the camping are very sad... They know that the chances to find Easter eggs befor the fox will find them is very low. So it looks like the Easter bunny will have a hard job here.
Now all the climbers hope that the Easter bunny will be cleaver to hide the eggs and sweets on the rock or in the trees.
The fox is maybe smarter than we are, but we are the better climbers.

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