I haven't posted much since May but I wrote some blogs I didn't post jet because I had no pictures.. So the next time they will be online! 

Its a longs time ago that I had been to the Frankenjura. Is such a nice green area! I  never climbed there for more than 2 or 3 days because we only drove down for short weekendtrips. So it is not easy to get into the special style and the routes often feel not so easy. We visited the Frankenjura for the long weekend and I really enjoyed it. There were a lot of people that had the same idear so it was very crowded. I don't like that so much but sometimes it can be funny.

It was very, very hot and I was suprised that I was able to crimp some holds. My fingers were very dry the first day, maybe because of my 3 or 4 rest days after Spain... but I coulden't send anything. I just worked in two routes I checked out already some years before but forget all the beta :-)

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