Mello Blocco

Some weeks ago Chris from Black Diamond ask me if I want to come to Mello Blocco, sure of course! The first time Mello Blocco and the first bouldertrip since a very long time, nice!
After a very long drive I arrived with perfect weather. The map should guide us to the boulders looked very wired, luckily I was with Scott and Kaddi two professional treasure map readers... The first boulder I tried was a very high and beautiful one. It was fun to try it a bit but sadly there were not enough pads and maybe it was to hard anyway, so I went on to check out the other boulders. I just could see three that day, than it started raining... and it didn't really stopped till the end of the competition. So I end up with having done no comp boulder.. But I was succsessful with my litle job for BD to give away some brushes and special BD underwear.
It wasn't to bad to stay in the rainy Mello, every evening I hung out with Chris and Lorenzo, there were very nice partys and it was funny to meet a lot of old friends and meet some new people.

 (In the Pizzeria with Chris, Scott, Kaddi and Lorenzo)

The day after the competition the weather turned to be good and I had a very nice boulder day with Melissa, Shauna, James and some other boys from Britan. We carried crashpads in a very beautiful environment and also did some very nice boulders. Sadly I was a bit tired from the night before, there was a nice party, a shooting with Bernardo and I tried a wet project, but lukily I was still lable to climb somethings. I experienced how scary it can be to mantle after havn't done something like this for years. I wasn't too psyched about the sloper boulders but there were some really nice overhanging crimp boulders! Maybe I should do some more bouldering in the future? Ah, I remember also one name of a boulder, we did the classic Jesus Christ Superstar in the town center next to the church, that was a nice one!

Mello Blocco was fun and so I maybe come again next year :-)

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