Last days in Spain

Some more pictures from Margalef and Siurana

A hard rest day in Margalef with Szymon. After a long hard walk without a way, through bushes on the left side of the lake, we were to tiered to do the bush expedition again and decide to swim to the other side of the lake. It looked like a confortable way back on the other side. So I swam.. It was a very exhausting and freezing experience...

Mhhmmm, every day nice meals!

A climbing fellow is looking for the rock


Someone attempt to go back to the sea in Reus

Everything I need in my favorit shop

One of to many bad weather days

Dream line...

Back to Siurana

A cold, rain and wet holds... Not much climbing during the last days. So I had the hope to send a route on my last day. When I woke up there was perfect weather and I was very happy about a nice last day! So, it was very sad that it started to rain again after I had finished my breakfast... There was no hope left to to go climbing on my last day and we started playing cards.
During the late afternoon the rain suddenly stopped, and we all got really motivated to climb. We thought about going to Can Melafots because there it was very windy and I had left one 8b there uncompleted. Luckily the wall was nearly dry after the long rain! Putting up the quickdraws on "Bestiola" was a good warmup and I could send it directly in the next go. It wasn't too late to walk fast down to El Parti, "Kalea Borroka" was waiting for me. I hoped that it would be dry... I had tried it two days before and slipped off a wet hold. This time it wasn't drier but dry enough. I climbed a bit more carefully and could send it, too.

This is the funny way to come back to the ground when the rope is to short :)

It started getting dark, but I wanted to leave all my power in Siurana, last day!! There was one more route I wanted to send, "Zona O". I took a rest and it was totally dark, but I was prepared for a long day: I had taken my headlamp. First I thought: ok no chance you will look for foothoolds all the time.. But its worked well, just one time my arm threw a shadow on a footstep, fortunately it was not a problem. This time it was a very pumpy go, but I was able to crimp me all the line up! What a perfect last climbing day!!!

All pictures (c) by Jung

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